About Us

I was born into a family where everybody talked about teeth. This was equally true of every family in my village – they were either dentists or dental technicians and they carried their trade with them all over Turkey. Today I can still travel to some very remote towns in my country and not be surprised to meet some dentist who has come from my village.

My dad started as a dental technician in his brother’s surgery when he was still a child. He went on to complete army service as a dentist. He opened his first surgery in 1972 using the gold and money given to him (as is the tradition) and his wife (my mother) at their wedding. He practised in the same building throughout his career and became an influential leader in the community (known locally as Disci Huseyin – The Dentist Huseyin). He was popular and loved both his profession and the people he worked with – he was proud of his craftsmanship and his contribution to the community. On his retirement my sister took over the business.

My first job was a dental nurse at my father`s practice.  I worked alongside him as a child, after school and at the weekend. Even while at University I spent time helping him in the evenings. I learnt a lot about people – not to judge by appearances. Even the most intimidating patient could become child-like in the dentist’s chair!

My older sister and younger brother both decided to pursue dentistry. Having gained experience as a dental nurse with my father for 15 years I decided to go to Business School and to begin planning as a practise manager for them.

My plans were put on hold when I flew the UK in 2004 to attend an English course. It was at this time that I met my husband. We were married in 2006 and settled in the Wye Valley where we now have two energetic children.

It was during my pregnancy that I first had the idea of starting My Dental holiday. I needed dental treatment of my own at the time, and started looking around to compare prices.  Knowing the cost of comparative treatments in Turkey it was suddenly clear to me that there was a superb opportunity to provide excellent dental care to UK patients for a fraction of the price they would be expected to pay for the same treatment in the UK. In addition, they would have the chance to explore and savour some of Turkey’s beautiful and rich culture.

I began working to make this dream a reality by establishing links with first class dental specialists in Turkey and in the UK. The successful treatment of my first clients proved that my conviction was right and My Dental Holiday became a reality