Before You Travel

How you start

Before you travel out for your treatment we will need to complete a number of steps to ensure that you receive the most appropriate form of treatment and so that your individual circumstances are catered for.

The usual procedures are as follows:


1. Contact us by email or by phone to request booking information. We will send you forms to complete, or we will meet you at a convenient location.

2. After our initial discussion, if you are happy to go ahead you will be booked to see our dentist in London and they will prepare your pre-treatment or if you already have a CT scan and a photo of your smile from your local dentist, then this is fine too. Our UK dentist will perform a checkup. If you have any infection you will be prescribed antibiotics. Any gum disease will be treated, and any teeth that need extracting will be done at this point. Any extraction that follows PPI treatment which prevents healthy bone loss.  Finally your CT scan will be taken.

3. On reciept of your details, we will contact you to discuss the alternatives and agree on a treatment plan. Your quotation will be given to you at this time.

4. After booking fee (£40)paid  Ayse will make your travel arrangements to fit your budget, medical travel insurance and turkish visa.

5. Ayse will meet you at the airport in Izmir. Depending on the time you will be given a rest time, and then you will be picked up and taken to the clinic.

6. Ayse will be there at every part of your treatment. Between treatments she will make your stay enjoyable by taking you around the sights of Izmir and beaches or countryside.


Payment for your travel arrangements and hotel will need to be settled before you depart. Payments for your dental care will be made after you have been treated by our dentists in Turkey.  Card payment will be accepted. Your exchange rate and any fees will be set by your card provider. Also cash in sterling and online payment via bank transfer is acceptable. Cheques are not accepted.


We strongly recommend our patients to have Medical Travel Insurance. It covers the cost of emergency medical treatment abroad, accidental injury or illness, or extraordinary medical costs incurred while following a life threatening complication during the planned treatment. Your medical travel insurance covers patients companion too.

If you would like to talk to us about booking, or you have any questions, then please get in touch

Turkish Visa

An Evisa cost $20 and you can pay online by card ( click here to find out more ) You can apply up to 3 months in advance of your travel date. Turkish visas issued on arrival are valid for multiple stays up to a maximum of of 90 days in a 180 day period.


Flights are April to October, there are lots of budget airlines that fly to Izmir and Bodrum from major UK airports.

Autumn, flights are mainly from Heathrow by Turkish Airlines or British Airways.