Examination and Consultation Free
Anaesthesia Free
Dental x-ray Free
Extraction £20- £50 (depending on the tooth.)
Extraction of wisdom tooth £130
Composite filling £25-£60 (depending on the size)
Root Canal Treatment £49 (per root)
Zoom 2 Tooth Whitening £300-£700 (upper and lower jaw)
Dental Hygiene treatment £60
Inlay -composite £110
Inlay -ceramic-IPS Empress £150
Inlay -gold £150
Complete denture (per jaw ) £260
Partial Denture (with metal ) £330
Over Denture £500-£1200 (depending on the type of attachment chosen)
Ceramic veneer £170-£200 (depending on the tooth)
Crown (ceramic bonded to base metal) £200 per tooth
Crown (ceramic bonded to precious metal) £350 per tooth
Implant with abutment. (Straumann,Frialit,Zimmer) £399-£1100 (depending on the specifics of the brand chosen.)

The treatments provided come with guarantees. The guarantees are based on the understanding that you follow the advice outlined in your care plan following your treatment.*

  • Crown – 3 years
  • Inlay – 2 years
  • Filling – 2 years
  • Partial Denture – 5 years
  • Full Denture – 3 years
  • Implant – 10 years

*In the unlikely case of you needing further treatment resulting from a failure of materials or incorrect treatment, we will provide corrective treatment free of charge.