Mind The Gap!

24 Nov Mind The Gap!


And I’m not talking about the one between the train and the platform!

It continues to surprise me just how regularly people ask whether they should have their gaps filled in their mouths. Perhaps due to a tooth cracking, or a deteriorated crown, they had a tooth extracted and the gap left to heal. But what they don’t seem to know is that if they leave it too long, some very serious problems can arise.

Your upper teeth need your lower teeth to bite against for effective chewing and also to regulate their growth. If a gap is left, then the tooth above/below it can grow too long and eventually damage the opposing gum. Of course, it is also much harder to chew on the side of the mouth where the gap is, so the teeth on the other side of the mouth get much more wear and tear.






Give the gift of a smile and sunshine this Christmas!

The most obvious effect of having a gap is that it is unsightly – but worse still – over time it can prematurely age your face. Your teeth are rooted in the jaw bone and that bone needs stimulation to maintain its form and density. If you leave a gap for too long, the bone starts to deteriorate changing the contours of your face creating a more sunken look.

So, please give your loved one the gift of a gapless mouth this Christmas and book a consultation with me to discuss your dental holiday in the sun. Wave goodbye to those gaps once and for all!