Our Promise

We want you to feel informed and at ease through every stage of your treatment. The following promises will guide the service we provide to you.

  • We will assess your needs and decide on a treatment plan which is most appropriate for you as an individual.
  • We will never recommend a particular treatment unless it is in your interest and we will encourage you to seek a second opinion if you have any uncertainties.
  • We will consult you on the materials used for your treatment where different price options are available.
  • The materials we use are guaranteed to meet or exceed all EU specifications.
  • We will give you the best estimate possible of the cost of your treatment.
  • In the unlikely event of you needing further treatment as a result of an error, we will correct the treatment without any further cost to you. (Full details will be given in your Care Plan).
  • We will provide you appropriate advice following your treatment. (Your Care Plan).
  • We will make accommodation and travel plans to meet your budget and at your convenience. You will be met on arrival at Izmir airport and taken to the hotel of your choice.
  • Our independent dentist will do your pre-check and aftercare treatment. That involves CT scan, extraction if necessary, and treating the gum disease.
  • Our independent dentist in the UK will provide all the information to your dentist in Turkey.
  • You can chose to have routine checks by your local dentist or our independent dentist in the UK.

At the end of the day, I personally treat all patients as part of my family. Actually after a couple of days, we become as a family, and will make sure I am always there for you.

We are regulated by and are members of the Turkish Dental Association, the TDB. The TDB enforce strict controls and standards, and we maintain some of the highest dentistry standards in Europe. TDB is a member of the FDI ( World Dental Federation) and ERO (European Dental Federation)